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Hava Nashira Website - A resource for Jewish Songleaders, Songwriters, Performers, Music Educators and all those involved in the transmission of Jewish heritage, religion and culture through music.

HebrewSongs.com - An index of song lyrics which have been transliterated and translated from the Hebrew for the enjoyment of people worldwide.

HotShabbat.com - A compilation of Jewish music of the people, by the people, and for the people of the Hava Nashira songleaders' community.

Jewish/Israeli Music - A list of links to several other Jewish and Israeli music websites.

Jewish Music Downloads - A source for downloadable Jewish music links.

Jewish Music Institute - A website dedicated to the celebration, preservation and development of the living heritage of Jewish music for the benefit of all.

Jewish Music Web Center - An online forum for academic, organizational, and individual activities in Jewish music.  Information is provided to encourage and support scholarship, enjoyment, creation and general knowledge of Jewish music.

KlezmerShack - A website dedicated to the celebration of Klezmer music.

oySongs - The world's central source for Jewish audio and sheet music.

TotShabbat.com - A compilation of Jewish children's music.